Help us build our Sacred Grove!

The Pagan Revival is growing fast, and every day, we see that there are more and more people reverting back to their ancestral traditions. The fastest growing, and most common Pagan belief system now is Odinism. This Norse group is closely followed in number, by Wiccan and Celtic beliefs. This is not a small group either. In America alone there were at least 8,000,000 new Pagans according to polls taken between 2018 and 2020.

We have no sacred groves, and this is an issue that modern Pagans in America, and probably even more in Europe, will soon be forced to address. Over the last 1,500 years nearly all of our sacred grounds have been violated, and built on by other religious groups. The fact that we are the first modern generation dealing with these issues, means that we are the ones who will have to correct it. 

We are asking your help in support of this goal! Our Tribal Thane Josh has created a fundraiser to raise the money needed to start buying land on which we can build our sacred grove. From there we can expand and build ourselves a proper Tribe again!