Tribe of the Greyhorn Pagans

We are a community for pagans, heathens, witches and other spiritual and mystic folk worldwide. We provide a place to learn, to discuss and debate. 

But we are much more than just a place to learn and connect. The Tribe is also there to just to hang out, have fun and maybe even make livelong friends. Need some help or some good vibes? Don't be shy to ask! We are all here to help.

No subject within the realm of paganism or spirituality is taboo. All that is asked to keep it civil and polite.

Witchy Whispers

Witchy Whispers is for all the spooky boos and fellow witches! FireFae wants to make sure all of you are taken care of during dark times when the veil is at its thinnest, and the moon is at its brightest.

Writing this will also be a cathartic experience for FireFae herself since she too is going through some stuff. 

You know, a long distance relationship with endless wait times to be able to travel, being unappreciated at work and certain emotional memories that she is still working through, the usual.