Jarl Stijn

I am a Dutch born Germanic Pagan, father of a beautiful little girl, a brave little boy and stepfather to a clever teen, 

I am the Jarl of the Tribe of the Greyhorn Pagans, husband to FireFae and host of the Greyhorn Pagans podcast.

I am a seeker of Gnosis and lover of everything occult and esoteric.

Frue FireFae

I am an old Tyme Witch that found love with a fellow pagan. I am an ambivert, a history buff and a nerd on various topics. My spirit animal is a wolf but love all creatures equally. I love working with stones and oracle cards and am also a lover of everything spooky and fall. 

Namaste and brightest blessings!

Thane Josh

Author of Shadow crown. Ordained to consecrate land, Handfast, marry etc. Germanic Odinist, married to a Celtic Nature Witch. Architect of the American Pagan Tribal Reservation Movement. Advocate for people to be more Self Sustaining, and Organic in their way of living.

Vitki Raven

Reader of Tarot, Oracles and Runes. Table-Top Gaming & Folklore Enthusiast. The "Older Brother" in the group. Loves a good story and a good laugh.